Helen's Room Endorsements

Read notes from the community and past participants.

As a Medical Oncologist practicing in the Inglewood community for 29 years, I can clearly say that Helen’s Room has had a marked impact on the lives of many patients and their families. This entity is much more than an Image Center providing wigs, prostheses, hats, turbans, and mastectomy bras. It is an environment of warmth, acceptance, comfort and education, professionally and humanistically sculpted by Mrs. Monica Kahn and her staff. This unique center is totally focused on the emotional, psychosocial, and potentially isolating sides of cancer’s impact on human lives.

Its origin is in love, giving, and supporting, all in an environment of acceptance, clear communication, and respect for all. Our world should be like Helen’s Room, and would be a much better place for that resemblance. The human resources unique to Helen’s Room cannot be raided, bought, or altered. A stronger and broader financial base will perpetuate this Center of Excellence well into the future, allowing it to serve future patients and their families in dealing with the many and severe consequences of cancer.

Allan A. Orenstein, M.D., California Hematology Oncology,Inc.

On behalf of the American Cancer Society, I am writing in support of Helen’s Room, a positive appearance and resource center for underserved cancer patients.

What is special about this program is not only that it serves an underserved population, but the manner in which the services are delivered. Through the unique kindness, warmth, and compassion of volunteers, each woman is made to feel special. Volunteers spend as much time as needed to make certain that patients leave Helen’s Room elated with the attention that they need.

Monica Kahn, the Founder, received the Lane Adams Quality of Life Award from the American Cancer Society in 2006 for her outstanding commitment and service to cancer patients in the community.

Gayle Gilbert-Hamerling, Community Director American Cancer Society Los Angeles Coastal Cities Unit